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Had a great time at Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC – doing some intense time at the bench with other great jewelers/metalsmiths.




Porcelain workshop with Ilona Romule October 2009

In our month long workshop with Ilona we constructed multi part molds in which to cast porcelain. My clay model was based on the H1N1 virus which I abstracted to create a hollow bead. Based on an imagined superstition, it is worn tight to the neck and acts as and amulet.

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Arellano - Guzman - Cardenas, 2009

Leather sourced from Baja Mexico was used to produce portraits of drug cartel bosses from the same region. The use of traditional technique and material native to the region talks         about the complex relationship these men and their organizations have with the communities they control.

The images were sourced from DEA wanted posters and laser engraved onto the surface of the leather. The leather is then hand chased using traditional methods to create pattern and relief.

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Fifty pieces of fabric taken from particular articles of clothing were folded into rosette patterns. Events were held where the rosettes were offered.  A written survey was taken at the time of the photograph to determine what attracted the person to the piece. Highlights from these surveys will be posted soon!

Allegiance: Chicago Bears/Susan (7/50), 2009

Fabric: Chicago Bears sweatpants, copper, sterling silver, steel, digital prints.

Note: Susan had never heard of the Chicago Bears.

Allegiance Series: August 10, 2009

Army camo (Charles), satin dress (Rash), Lycra leggings (Emma), Nascar blanket (Garry), safety strip (Jim), tote bag (VSO), pinstripe jacket (Neehaj), tweed jacket (Melba).Copper, sterling silver, steel, digital prints. Folded and hand sewn, with fabricated findings.

Allegiance Series: November 2, 2009

Found Fabrics:(clockwise from top left) seersucker jacket (Anna), tote bag (Linda), Florida souvenir shirt (Steven), wedding trim (Katie), Lycra leggings (Nick), plastic lace tablecloth (Maria), panty hose (Kristi), safety strip (Dan). Copper, sterling silver, steel, digital prints. Folded and hand sewn, with fabricated findings.

Various dimensions.

Allegiance Series: December 10, 2009

Found Fabrics:(clockwise from top left) paisley hat-band (Kiley), Christian Dior necktie (Joe), seersucker jacket (Katie), pinstripe pants (Michael), bridesmaid dress (Ash), whiskey bottle decoration (Micah).  Copper, sterling silver, steel, digital prints. Folded and hand sewn, with fabricated findings. Various dimensions.

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Dalai Lama Cameo, 2008

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhism and the political leader of Tibetan people. He has lived in exile since the 1959 Chinese invasion.

1.25”w, 1.5”h, .25”d

Dr. Harry Wu Cameo, 2008

Dr. Harry Wu a human rights activist in the Peoples Republic of China, was imprisoned for 19 years as a “counterrevolutionary rightist”.  During his incarceration he was beaten, tortured, and starved, and witnessed the deaths of many fellow prisoners from brutality.

2”w, 2.5”h, .25”d

Palden Gyatso is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who was arrested for protesting in 1959 during the Chinese invasion. He spent 33 years in Chinese prisons and labor camps,where he was extensively tortured.

1.75”w, 2”h, .25”d

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