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Source Matters

Thinking about Origin

Well, I am not lucky enough to be in Milan this year, but my work is! I am honored to be part of CHP’s new collection Global Identity. 

Imonocal Detail

Imonocal Detail


More images of the work and installation from Italia!

lap install

Milan Furnature Fair at LAP

Milan Furnature Fair at LAP

My proposal was for a necklace made from faceted glass and stainless steel. Here’s an excerpt:




Global Identity : imonocle

Our interaction with the natural and built environment is increasingly mediated through a digitized interface.

Instead of simply enjoying a sunset, we record digital images with our smart phones. Rather than meeting in person, we video chat with colleagues and friends.

The imonocle is a faceted glass jewel that falsely pixelates our world – calling attention to our urge to enhance and capture the experience of our surroundings.

Formally referencing the 19th C. monocle eye glass or the 18th C. chatelaine with magnifying glass, the imonocle refers back to a technologically simpler but similar time – to engage the idea of functional enchantment.

Here is a video made to accompany  the display for the piece I designed. It illustrates the conceptual basis for the work.


imonocal ideation


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