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culpable tea bags

Culpable Tea Bags, 2009

embroidery floss, coffee filters, thread, Junshan Yinzhen tea

each 2.5” x 2.5” x .3”

Each disposable tea bag is hand embroidered with a unique decorative pattern and filled with Junshan Yinzhen, a rare white tea.  The preciousness of the contents versus the beauty and painstaking labor of the container create a conflict. To enjoy the contents the container must be destroyed, to preserve the container the commodity must be wasted. A limited edition of 9 tea bags were produced and one was destroyed in the documentation process.

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These pieces were made in response to a call for entry called eXtreme Tea curated by Tom Muir, head of Metals at Bowling Green State University. The show took place in Houston in conjunction with the SNAG Conference at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft 1/16/10 – 3/21/10.


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